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Bull Shoals Lake Tour

Today I started my day wondering what I would eat for breakfast and on the way to figuring that out I decided to read the newspaper. In the process I noticed an estate sale and went to that. Well, one thing led to the next and I went to breakfast with a friend at Brenda’s Restaurant in Mountain Home. It was very lively with musicians bringing in the day and is highly recommended.
This brings me to the main reason for writing today. I went on a boat tour with the Arkansas State Parks Interpreters Jake and Kaleb. It was very informative and the main takeaway was that Bull Shoals Lake has a sink hole which is actually a leak of millions gallons a day without much effect on the lake. The Army Corps of Engineers owns 100 ft from the high water line around Bull Shoals Lake. Points of interest are Battleship Row, Dinosaur Bluff, Point Return, Brown’s Beach, Dogwood Trail, of course the Bull Shoals Dam. Bull Shoals Dam is a wonder in itself with 17 garage doors which open from the bottom to release water for flood control, is a source of water, energy and tourism.